Community Support: Free Webinars to Keep You Sane through Stressful Times

For handling life and remaining calm in trying times, such as the COVID-19 situation today, see below for sanity-saving resources.

JUARA Wellness Webinar



JUARA provides a series of webinars to address the questions, concerns, and self-care needs of our community to offer something positive to give back. We're lining up sanity-saving how-to's, answers to medical, relationship, professional, and overall self-care questions to be presented in an authentic, no-nonsense, straight-talking sort of way, with a big dash of positive vibes.

These sessions will be interactive and feature experts, front-line practitioners, and people who have mastered the life of working from home, and entrepreneurs who's seen rough times to help us all through! We hope you can tune in, bring your favorite comfort drink and join! 

Note: If you want to be a guest on our webinar with something to offer the community, please fill out this Google form here. We want to feature you, your expertise, and your offer to the community. 





Day/Date/Time: Thursday,  August 27, 8pm ET
JUARA Presents: How to Foster Cyberwellness in an Online Era
Topic: With the new norm leaving most of us and our families living online, learn about how to stay secure, safe and thriving in these times. From security need-to-knows to incorporating ways to feel connected without being overwhelmed online, join the discussion on Technology and CyberWellness and learn how to maintain balance, wellness, and sanity for you and your family.

Presenter & Title/ Company : Jay Schneider is the Director of Professional Services and Operations for ZyLAB North America, an international software company. In addition to being a Cybersecurity and Technology expert, he is also a dad trying to work from home and oversee his kids' remote schooling in a pandemic.

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Speaker: Dr. Sonali (Allie) Sharma

Day/Date/Time: Thursday,  August 13, 8pm ET
JUARA Presents: Beauty Inside and Out: A Mental Health Perspective during the COVID-19 Pandemic
Topic: Join Dr. Allie Sharma, a Clinical Adult Psychiatrist, in a conversation of self-perception and self confidence in these pressure filled times. How can we address the dichotomy between our internal feelings and expected appearance in a visually oriented, supercharged zoom & online interaction-only norm? Learn about exploring inner vulnerabilities, recognize how mental health issues can manifest, how to cope, and how to own your beauty, strength, and confidence inside and out. 

Presenter & Title/ Company : Dr. Sonali (Allie) Sharma is a Cornell-trained Clinical Adult Psychiatrist with a private practice in Manhattan for over 10 years who is committed to providing compassionate solutions to complex mental health issues. Dr. Sharma has held various clinical positions, including Emergency Psychiatry at Columbia University, Student Mental Health at Columbia University’s health science campus, and supporting mental health of the homeless population across shelters in New York City. She is also the founder of Mind-Studios, A podcast platform to humanize and normalize the conversation about mental health. Dr. Sharma is the hostess of two podcasts, Model Mentality, and Coping with COVID-19 - a safe space to collectively share stories and offer ideas for maintaining mental health and finding the silver lining in light of this health crisis.
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Listen to her podcast Model-Mentality, 
with Bridget Malcolm, an international fashion model, as they open up the dialogue around mental health in the fashion industry.


Day/Date/Time: Thursday, August 6th, 8pm ET
JUARA Presents: How to Speak Effectively Beyond our Differences 
Topic: Learn how to equip yourself with advanced cross-cultural communication skills needed to improve team dynamics, bridge cultural gaps, and leverage the diversity within your teams.

Presenter & Title/ Company : Natsuyo Lipschutz, global leadership and cross-cultural communications strategist, Founder & Managing Principal of ASPIRE Intelligence, a strategy consulting firm, as well as Executive Consultant for Breakthrough Speaking, a global public speaking consultancy.

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JUARA Presents: Cassie Freeman

Day/Date/Time: Thursday, July 23rd, 8pm ET
JUARA Presents: Collaborating to Make the Impossible Possible  
Topic: Bring people together with intention and tap into your circles of community that will make what you want to happen HAPPEN! Cassie will share her own personal journey as an acclaimed actor, creator, and educator. As a connector and collaboration mastermind, she will also offer tools of effective communication and community building. Cassie is an unstoppable force of creativity who will inspire you to harness your own power to fully express yourself, discover, explore, and act on the possibilities that you can create.

Presenter & Title/Company : Cassandra (Cassie) Freeman, Actor, Writer, Executive Consultant,  Communications Trainer, and Founder of Creatrix Haus.

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Trae Bodge

Day/Date/Time: Thursday, July 16, 8pm ET
JUARA Presents: Financial Wellness:  How to Shop Smart & Save Money during Challenging Times.
Topic: Join Smart Shopping Expert & Lifestyle Journalist Trae Bodge to learn how to improve your financial wellness during challenging times.  From finding the best deals to unique ways to make extra money and finding side hustles, Trae will share her personal finance enhancing strategies and latest discoveries to help people save money.
Presenter & Title/Company : Trae Bodge, accomplished Lifestyle Journalist & TV commentator specializing in smart shopping & saving money. 

Website and 

JUARA Presents: Adam Gyorgy

Day/Date/Time: Thursday, July 2, 8pm ET
JUARA Presents: Harnessing Creativity and Staying Inspired in the Face of Challenge.
Topic: Join this open dialogue with world-renowned concert pianist and highly acclaimed Steinway Artist Adam Gyorgy who will share his personal story on elevating oneself through sharpening mind, body, and creative energies to face challenges during COVID times. Adam will speak about staying focused, positive, and being adaptable to create space for one's own genius to arise. 

Presenter & Title/Company : Adam Gyorgy, Steinway Artist, Winner of the 2020 Liszt Ferenc Prize, founder of the Adam Gyorgy Foundation

Website Adam Gyorgy Foundation
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Jennifer Hurtikant

Day/Date/Time: Thursday, June 25, 8pm ET
JUARA Presents: Real Benefit or Marketing Ploy?  Test your Green Skincare IQ.  
 Green and clean formulations have been on the rise.  But what “green” claims actually matter and which ones do not?  Join Jennifer Hurtikant, formulation expert and Chief Technical Officer at The Meta Beauty Group, who will shed light on some of the most common claims and which ones actually matter.
Presenter & Title/Company : Jennifer Hurtikant, R&D Expert and Founding Partner of Meta Beauty Group 

Website Meta Beauty Group


Dr. Clayton Shiu

Day/Date/Time: Thursday, June 4, 8pm ET
JUARA Presents: Dr. Shiu- Drinking the Correct Tea to Support you through Pandemic Times!
Topic: Have you ever wondered how the ritual of drinking Tea and other daily health rituals can keep your mind, body, and spirit Healthy? Join us as we learn from an expert, the differences between famous Asian teas, their oxidative properties, their Chinese herbal benefits, and so much more. Together, we'll share a cup of positivetea!

Presenter & Title/Company : Dr. Clayton Shiu, Board Certified Nationally Licensed acupuncturist and Chinese herbalist, Founder of The Shiu Clinic



Heather Whitman - Vininterest

Day/Date/Time: Thursday, May 21, 8pm ET
JUARA Presents: Lets "Wine" Down Together.
Topic: Did you know that it is one thing to drink wine-and another to taste it? Time to kick off our socks, relax, and enjoy a wine-tasting (BYOWine!) from the comfort of your home. Plus, learn some behind-the-scenes of winemaking from an industry insider! Let's enjoy a glass together - all in moderation, but with a lot of fun. Cheers! 
Presenter & Title/Company : Heather Whitman, Sommelier & Founder of Vininterest



Tiffany Panhilason

Day/Date/Time: Wednesday, May 13, 8pm ET
JUARA Presents: Time for Self-Love and Mindful Awareness.
Topic: In challenging times, we have an opportunity to create a space where we can be better, more mindful, loving, and conscious people by starting with self-love and practices that can get us connected to ourselves and others. As a successful screen actress, founder of two fashion brands, and the President of Mentari's Human Trafficking Survivors Empowerment Program, Tiffany sees humanity in many forms. Come hear her experiences and insights on how to navigate oneself to a bright, joyful, and loving place through the pandemic and beyond. 

Presenter: Tiffany Panhilason, Actor, Activist, Entrepreneur (One One Six, Love Remedy), and Trauma Informed Mindfulness Leader and Author.

WebsiteIMDB profile, One One Six

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Metta Murdaya - Co-Founder, JUARA Skincare

Day/Date/Time: Thursday, May 7, 8pm ET
JUARA Presents: Jamu - How an Ancient Tradition Can be Today's Sanity Saver. 
Topic: Getting control over your own environment is tough today - but being in control of how you take care of yourself is incredibly empowering. Learn how 2000 years of secrets can be readily available at your disposal and you can be your own wellbeing healer at home!
Presenter & Title/Company : Metta Murdaya, JUARA Co-Founder 



 Titania Veda - Holistic Welllness Coach

Day/Date/Time: Wednesday April 29, 5pm ET
JUARA Presents: Embodiment & Connection Circle: Time to connect with your inner self & body for a better you.
Topic: Come ready to move your body! Titania is an embodiment coach, storyteller, and experience designer who believes that by integrating the mind, heart, and the body, we can open up the answers within ourselves. In this hour, we'll be tuning in to your body and harnessing its ability to increase your resilience and adaptability to situations you are facing. Through meditation, breath and mindful movement work, we'll reconnect with the body and close with a community circle to share reflections and our personal ways of navigating uncertainties..
Presenter & Title/Company : Titania Veda, Holistic Life Coach 



Day/Date/Time: Thursday, April 23, 8pm ET
JUARA Presents: Skincare fact or fiction?  Shedding light on skincare's biggest questions!
Topic: Can pores really shrink and does red wine cause skin redness?  Shed light on the most common skincare mysteries and separate fact from fiction with JUARA Co-Founder Yoshiko.  
Presenter & Title/Company : Yoshiko Roth-Hidalgo, JUARA Co-Founder 


Anna Broome, Certified Health Coach

Day/Date/Times: Thur April 16, 8pm EST

JUARA Presents: Help!  I can't stop stress eating!  
Topic: Is the stress of the Covid19 crisis and having to hunker down, triggering stress eating and binging?  With our normal life rhythm and sense of boundaries disrupted, how do we manage triggers and channel stress in order to maintain healthy eating habits and a sense of well-being.  
Presenter & Title/Company : Anna Broome, Certified Health Coach 



Andrea Bednar, Master Performance Coach

Day/Date/Times: Wed April 8, 8pm EST
JUARA Presents: From Wannabe-Productive to Getting Sh*t Done.  
Topic: Suddenly being at home when boundaries between work, play, personal life and kids all blurred together can seem liberating in short bursts, but a disaster for getting things done in the long term. So how do we cut through the chaos and make space for productivity? 
The Offer: Free One-on-One Call to address your issues for webinar attendees
Presenter & Title/Company : Andrea Bednar, Master Performance Coach 




Dr. Sahar Koshakhlagh, Common Ground Counseling

Day/Date/Time: Sunday, April 5, 5 pm EST, 2020
JUARA Presents: How to Get Along While Hunkering Down. 
 Learn how to better communicate and resolve conflict in your relationship and family while being confined at home in this interactive session with Dr. Koshakhlagh. There will be an opportunity to ask questions and receive advice for your particular case.  
The Offer: Attendees will receive a FREE worksheet from Dr. Koshakhlagh with exercises to help with your relationship communications.
Presenter & Title/Company : Dr. Sahar Khoshakhlagh, Psy.D., LMFT, Common Ground Counseling, Marriage & Family Therapy, PLLC    






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