An Ancient Herbal Tradition

Balancing the Body, Mind & Spirit

Indonesia, with its 17,000 islands and bustling spice trade, has the biodiversity to earn the title of “the world’s largest natural greenhouse.” This lush, tropical wonderland is also home to an ancient healing tradition called Jamu. Based on the belief that what you consume in your body and put on your skin is integral to your wellness and health, Jamu is the Indonesian art of blending natural, homeopathic ingredients into tonics and skincare that help treat ailments, prevent illnesses, and maintain overall health. Time-honored secret herbal tonics are now scientifically validated, and nourish so much more than just your skin. Daily drinks composed of herbs, fruits, plants, and spices are drunk for purposes of maintaining health, as well as for healing ailments. Jamu is based on the notion that your mental, spiritual, and physical health comes from consciously choosing what to put on your body. Jamu takes a holistic approach to overall wellness that balances mind and body by focusing on the entire process of self-care to make it as effective as possible.

Superjuicing but for your Face

The Alchemy of Jamu

Jamu is special because it works by combining ingredients in ways that are synergistic and effective, ensuring the combination is more effective than the ingredients are on their own. For example, healers have known for thousands of years through empirical testing that turmeric combined with tamarind has more overall detoxing and body cleansing benefits than each of the ingredients consumed separately. The magic is through how we look at wellness - we look at the person holistically, assess the condition, then select the best time-tested Jamu recipe based on the benefits desired, whether it be a skincare concern, or physical ailment. We don’t look for the quick, one-ingredient, fix-all magic bullet; instead, we pull from a deeper wisdom that looks to the alchemy of ingredients and how it best stimulates our complex bodies to heal.