Got that Under-Mask Icky Skin Feel?

JUARA Skincare - Skincare TIps for Mask Wearers

As the weather gets warmer and masks are a mainstay to keep ourselves and our communities safer, we may need to incorporate some new considerations in our skincare routine to keep our faces healthy, clean, and comfortable! Staying safe and healthy doesn't have to be uncomfortable or cause concerns elsewhere. We always suggest a gentle yet regular skincare routine, but there are a few additional skin issues that may arise, so here are specific tips how to address them to keep mask wearing enjoyable and easy. 

Mask Pimples 

Got those pesky breakouts at the tip of your nose, or where the mask edges cover skin? Our Rose & Willowbark Blemish-Free Mask will help reduce the redness and take care of the breakouts, and keep skin feeling refreshed if you feel like you've been sweating under the covers, literally. Best part - it's good for most skin types (dry to oily/breakout prone) because the rice starch keeps your skin conditioned and red sandalwood keeps skin calm while the clay and natural white willowbark clears your pores. Plus, it's great for spot treatments so dab as needed! 

If you have oily skin or even normal skin but just feel it's too hot for a moisturizer under a mask, you can still hydrate your skin with our Sweet Black Tea & Ginger Oil-Free Moisturizer which has a soothing gel-creme texture which will hold up nicely and not feel hot or heavy on warmer days under a mask!

Food Breath 

There's nothing quite like re-breathing in lunch; it's not exactly the seconds that we ask for. That greasy pizza we ate, taco, or salad - even if we wipe our mouths out thoroughly and wash it down with a beverage, traces of the oil or odor, we may be breathing and re-breathing the residue into our masks. Aside frequently washing your cloth mask, or replacing your disposable mask, you can use our Rice Facial Cleanser frequently to wash your mouth and under-mask area. Because it's sulfate-free and barely foaming, it's formulated to keep your face areas and sensitive skin safe from repeated cleansing, and it won't strip your skin. It's great for skin that is sensitive or bearded, as the constant exposure to residual food and grease may be more noticed. 

Mask Rash 

Some of us have to wear masks for prolonged periods of times due to our profession or just because we're around people a lot. Some people experience rashes or redness, or skin sensitivity from having the fabric move against your skin skin the whole day. Reduce redness, calm, and soothe skin with our Tamarind Tea Hydrating Toner. Alcohol free and packed with hydrating hyaluronic acid, skin calming rice bran extract, and antioxidant triple-tea extracts, our pump-in-hand-and-apply-to-face toner is perfect for a deeply hydrating and skin soothing treat. You can apply and re-apply this perfect skin quencher on the face during the day,  when you wake up in the morning, or before bed on cleansed skin. Even if you wear makeup you can apply it over it!

Grimy Skin Buildup

Let's face it - after having something on our faces all day, skin and dirt may build up at a faster rate than usual. Not a problem if you regularly and gently exfoliate to get it all off and reveal new, healthy, soft skin. Our Radiance Enzyme Scrub is a 3-in-1 Cleanser-Scrub-Mask (well not your daily mask) that will cleanse, soften, and smooth your skin in a single application. The all natural jojoba and bamboo beads feel so relaxing while it gently exfoliates, and the apple enzymes continue to exfoliate as your skin gets cleansed - it's really such a rewardingly delicious experience to feel how clean your skin will feel. 

What I love most about about taking care of my own skin after a long, sweaty day in public is not only alleviating feelings of discomfort by cleaning up, but also experiencing that refreshed "Aaaaaahhhh" moment I get after I cleanse and rejuvinate my skin! It's like like an instant self-care spa moment every day. Hope you can experience that too! 


Rice Facial Cleanser 100ml
Sweet Black Tea and Ginger Oil-Free Moisturizer 50ML
Tamarind Tea Hydrating Toner 100ML