Skincare for Him: What to Keep in Mind when Choosing Product

There are important differences between male skin and female skin to keep in mind, when choosing products and putting together a skincare ritual:

Thicker, Rougher with Higher Collagen Density

Male skin is actually about 25% thicker than female skin, has a rougher texture and has a higher collagen density, the bouncy cushion underneath the skin’s surface.  This makes his skin generally more resilient in two ways:  One, it can tolerate more aggressive treatments, e.g. microdermabrasion or acid peels,  or in fact shaving, before getting irritated.  Two, it also means that fine lines and other signs of premature skin aging due to excessive sun exposure or smoking, might show up a bit later on male skin, than they do on female skin.  To extend skin's youthful look, apply antioxidant rich products with collagen-building products such as our oil-free Clove Flower & Turmeric Anti-Aging Serum and our Miracle Tea Complete Eye Creme.  And remember, that every individual’s skin is different, and problems with sensitive skin are not uncommon in men.  Stick to products that are dermatologist-tested, avoid harsh ingredients and are overly fragrance.

Skin that is More Oily

Male skin tends to have more sebaceous glands and as a result produces more oil.  The higher testosterone level also contributes to more oil.  While the skin’s oil is important to skin health because it strengthens your skin’s own protective barrier and prevents dryness, excessive oiliness can lead to a variety of skin issues as well, including clogged pores (whiteheads, blackheads), acne and seborrheic dermatitis.  The solution:  Stick to oil-free moisturizers like our Sweet Black Tea & Ginger Oil-Free Moisturizer, or if using a face oil (see below for when an oil makes sense), make sure it is a lightweight “dry-oil” formulation that has balancing properties.  If break-outs are a problem, applying a purifying mask like our Rose & White Willow Bark Mask can help preventing clogged pores and blemishes.

The Problem with Shaving

Every shave is actually an aggressive resurfacing treatment where the surface skin and skin’s own protective barrier is removed, which can lead to irritated skin (razor burn) especially if shaved with a less than fresh blade.  The solution?  Use an emollient shaving cream when shaving.  Even better would be prepping your skin with a warm compress and/ or moisture mask.  After shaving, make sure you apply a treatment chock-full of skin-calming and barrier-enhancing ingredients to help skin heal faster.  Try our ultra-calming Tamarind Tea Hydrating Toner, which is alcohol-free, oil-free.

Ironically, one of the consequences of frequent shaving can be in-grown hair.  Hair grows out of the follicle which is housed inside the pores along with the sebaceous gland.  When hair grows back, especially when it is curly, can grow in the opposite direction without exiting the pore.  The result:  An ingrown hair.  Apart from not shaving or not shaving as closely, regular exfoliation can help prevent ingrown hair, because when a pore is blocked with a combination of dead skin cells and oil, the result is also an ingrown hair.  Keep pores clear by using a scrub, or enzyme/ acid treatment or a combination treatment like our Radiance Enzyme Scrub.

The Effect of Facial & Body Hair

If your face and/ or body is covered by fuzz, keep in mind that hair acts as a barrier when you apply product such as moisturizer, which means that less product reaches your skin to be absorbed.  The solution?  Rather than a cream or lotion, consider an oil, which is more easily spread and absorbed by skin through the fuzz.  For your face, consider our Radiance Vitality Oil, for the body, consider our Kartini Body Oil.      

As with most things in life, long-term consistency is key to seeing results.  Commit to a few good products that work for you, avoid excessive sun exposure and make sure you eat and sleep well, and your skin will thank you in the long-run. 

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