How Skincare Rituals can Benefit your Mental Wellbeing

How Skincare Rituals can Benefit your Mental Wellbeing

While it’s been accepted that skincare is the care of a actual living organ, and in some places, the term “skincare” has even been replaced with the term “skin health”, a more meticulous skincare ritual is still often viewed as a mundane routine at best, or at worst, as an act of superficial vanity.  

Routines Reduce Anxiety

The fact is that developing daily routines such as washing and moisturizing your face every morning can enhance our mental health.  We humans don’t do well with uncertainty.  We feel anxious in the face of uncertainty and of loss of control.  Creating and maintaining a routine requires that we organize ourselves to the point that we know what to expect, which in turn gives us a sense of control.  Routines anchor and empower us.  

The Difference between a Routine and a Ritual

While routines are a matter of organization and repetition, what distinguishes a ritual from a routine is the meaning and intention we impart on the routine.  Turning a routine into a ritual requires making a conscious effort, a commitment, an intention to an otherwise ordinary, mundane act.  The otherwise mundane act of washing your face before bed-time becomes a ritual of freeing yourself from the stress and worry that piled up over the course of the day.  The act of applying a moisturizer becomes a ritual of nourishing not just your skin but your soul with new energy.  And the more we repeat a ritual over time, the more meaningful they become to us.  If you rely on the nightly ritual of washing your face as a way to also take off the mental and emotional burden of the day, not washing your face one night will likely make you feel a little off kilter.

Skincare lends itself to such calming self-care rituals because while washing our face or applying moisturizer, is a simple task, it does take a level of focus, being in the moment and touching your skin - you are literally getting in touch with yourself and increasing mindfulness during a moment of intentional self-care.

Our Partnership with the Mentari Foundation to Benefit Survivors of Human Trafficking and Domestic Violence

It is because of this belief in the power of skincare as a mindfulness ritual that we decided to curate the new Mentari Collection, a selection of 12 JUARA skincare products to support survivors of human trafficking and domestic violence affected by the COVID-19 crisis.  15% of Sales from the Mentari Collection will be donated to the Mentari Foundation, an organization whose mission it is to  bring survivors of violence, abuse, exploitation, and trafficking, back into the community and help them thrive independently.  In addition to the percentage of sales, JUARA will also donate its best-selling Candlenut Body Creme and skin-nourishing Candlenut Soap Bars to Mentari clients, the survivors.

While these survivors have gone through unimaginable trauma, it is our hope that self-care can positively contribute in their journey towards healing.

The Mentari Collection:  Essentials for Simple Daily Self-Care

The Mentari Collection includes essentials for a simple but powerful daily face care ritual and body care ritual , as well as boosters for extra care and nourishment.  Our Rice Facial Cleanser, Tamarind Tea Hydrating Toner, Clove Flower & Turmeric Anti-Aging Serum and Sweet Black Tea Moisturizers create an easy 4-step ritual that boosts vital hydration and natural skin glow.  Complement your ritual with our Miracle Tea Complete Eye Creme, a one-stop-shop for rejuvenating the delicate eye area, or refresh your complexion once or twice a week with our gentle Radiance Enzyme Scrub for instantly more radiant skin.  Our versatile Radiance Vitality Oil can be mixed to boost any moisturizer or be applied as an over-night mask.  

Our body care products transform your daily shower into a tropical sanctuary.  Pamper your skin while cleansing with our sulfate-free Candlenut Hydrating Shower Gel and follow with one of our delectable body and hand moisturizers, from the silky Kartini Body Oil, to cult-favorite Candlenut Body Creme and award-winning Coconut Illipe Hand & Nail Balm.  

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Sweet Black Tea and Ginger Oil-Free Moisturizer 50ML
Sweet Black Tea and Rice Moisturizer 50ML
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