Body Cream vs. Body Oil: How to Create Your Perfect Body Care Ritual


Good skincare may start with products for the face, but it shouldn’t stop there. The skin covering the rest of your body is just as worthy of a little love and attention.

When shopping for body products, it can sometimes be hard to know what to choose. Two of your most popular options are body oils and body creams. However, many people find it difficult to decide between these products, thinking that they both seem to do the same thing.

Good news! We’re here to clear up any confusion. To start, let’s take a closer look at both products and how they work.


Three Notes on Body Oils

They’re lightweight and skin nourishing. Body oils are pure natural oils or a blend of oils and botanicals. Because these oils are quite lightweight, they are easily absorbed and work quickly to nourish the skin. Plus, just a few drops of oil can leave your whole body feeling refreshed, replenished and energized, with a radiant, healthy glow.

They’re great for dry AND oily skin types. Using a body oil benefits oilier skin types, as it can actually help rebalance and regulate oil production. Oils are also great for dry or sensitive skin, as they help support healthy barrier function and promote radiant, glowing skin.

They’re ideal to apply after bathing or shaving. The best time to apply your body oil is immediately following cleansing or showering. Once the skin is dry, or still just slightly damp, apply your oil and massage it gently into the skin. Body oils are also great to use after shaving, to soothe the skin and prevent irritation.


Three Notes on Body Creams

They’re designed for maximum skin hydration. Unlike Body Oils which are oil-based, body creams contain a mixture of both oil and water. They can also contain additional hydrating and moisture-binding ingredients, for maximum water retention in the skin.

They’re a smart choice for dry, mature, or sensitive skin types. Because of their additional hydrating properties, body creams are a great option for mature or dry skin. They can even be great for soothing irritation in sensitive skin. If you live in a dry climate, a body cream can be beneficial for preventing premature aging, due to the environment.

They’re a powerful tool to restore moisture lost from cleansing. Similar to a body oil, it is best to apply your body cream right after showering. Because hot water can strip the skin of vital moisture, applying a body cream right after, will help replace water lost during cleansing. You can also reapply cream as often as needed, for an additional hydration boost when skin feels dry.


Oil or Cream: Which is Better?

Knowing the benefits of both, you may be wondering which is better - body oil or cream? The truth is that one isn’t really better than other. Because they are formulated to do different things, your skin may need one or the other - or both! - at different times.

Another way you can think of it is in terms of skin nutrition. You likely know that to nourish your body you need to consume healthy fats and drink plenty of water, and the same is true of your skin. Your skin craves both oil and water, in order to perform optimally, repair and rejuvenate.


Crafting the Perfect Nourishing Ritual

Our pick? Combining our Kartini Body Oil and Candlenut Body Creme is really the best of both worlds for healthy and hydrated skin that’s got a delicious, radiant glow.

You can apply the combination anyway you prefer. You can even mix the oil and cream together. for a quick, comprehensive treatment. We recommend applying either the cream or oil to clean skin, then gently massage the product into the skin for a holistic nourishing treatment that will leave you glowing.


Candlenut Body Creme 213g
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